Couple, Pre-wedding

Vina & Markus – Pre-wedding

February 2, 2015

“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near”. ― Paulo Coelho

Okay, maybe not that long. Jakarta and Bandung is not that far away, after all. I borrowed the quote purposely to tell the story about Vina and Markus. Both of them went to the same high school in Bandung, and they often attend the same church in Bandung.

Until now, you would know that they have known each other for quite a time. They took separate ways during their university years, and after graduating, they went to work in Jakarta. They would often meet when they take the bus travelling from Jakarta to Bandung. Until one day Markus decided to ask Vina out, and fast forward.. they become a couple ever since.

They chose to go back to where they first met: their school for the pre-wedding session. We infuse the photos with their fun and energetic personality, as well as their good sense of humour.

Final words – congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after and being close to each other forever and ever!

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