Couple, Pre-wedding

Feliciana & Johan – Pre-wedding

June 3, 2013

Meet our newest lovely couple, Feliciana (Fefe) and Johan. They both have fun outgoing personality… and also determined at the same time! It’s a tug-of-war everyday (in a good way, of course!). We can’t help chuckling whenever they start debating over simple things, cause we know deep inside they love each other..

And then here comes the dogs, Tank and Mocha! Fefe raised the dogs since they were babies, but now they lean towards Johan; every time he comes, they rush to him and forgets about Fefe for a while. This makes Fefe wonder what charm did he put on her beloved dogs, “Why Babe,why??”.

We followed them on a weekend, starting from giving Tank a bath,chilling at Fefe’s house, until the afternoon dog-walking session! It was so much fun watching the dogs running around and the couple’s cute love quarrels. You can see many candid moments when Fefe and Johan trying to line up Tank & Mocha for the photo session. :D

So, congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after and abundance of good times with Tank and Mocha.

CLICK to see Fefe and Johan’s wedding photos at The Edge of Paradise.

Behind the scenes:
Camerad! Photography: Peter Sutedja & Agnes Andriana
MUA: Ingelina Riza / Glowingelina

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