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Inge & Beben – Wedding

March 12, 2014

Guess who’s getting married this time: it’s Inge and Beben! If you think that the name is familiar, that’s because she’s our favorite makeup artist! She worked with us several times for pre-wedding projects and that she’s getting married excites us. She did the makeup for her own wedding, showing you how determined she is with the job.

We spent the day by following Inge and Beben from the morning makeup session at the hotel, until the holy matrimony at St. Theresia church. Hearing couples saying their wedding vow always move our heart and this was no exception.

Finally, congratulations to the both of you! We wish you a happily ever after :).

Couple, Wedding

Stephanie & Ossy – Wedding

August 13, 2013

What would you do if your best friends are getting married? Take pictures of their wedding, maybe? After traveling over 10,000 km together, going the extra mile and tagging along for (almost) their entire wedding day was the least I could do for them. 

So here was my day, we started the day with a morning session at the bridal salon (with the taxi missing the place), to the bride’s home, the church, to the top of the bride’s office building (is there anybody seriously thinking of going to their office on their wedding day??), and finally to the wedding venue. It’s just a tiny fraction of the kilometers we’ve traveled together, but all of that has never been this significant. That 60km* travel you had that day, dare I say, could be the biggest and most important travel you’ve made in your life so far, and hey.. it’s just the beginning of a new journey!

I’ve known Steph & Ossy for 10 years already and I watched them grow from friends into something more until finally pledging their love to one another. You both are so fortunate to find the perfect partner in each other. I’m blessed to have you both as my best friends and proud to be able to have a small part in your journey.

Once again, congratulations to the both of you! We wish you a happily ever after with many more travels!

Oh I nearly forgot to mention, Fleo and Cowgy made their appearance in the wedding! I guess they passed the security check after all.

*)If the approximate kilometers are wrong, you can always blame google maps for that! haha..

Couple, Wedding

Feliciana & Johan – Wedding

August 13, 2013

Bali… Island of the Gods. A wedding at The Edge. Magnificent cliff view. Sound of the waves. Ocean breeze. Beautiful sunset. The bride. The groom. Such serenity.

Seeing couples get married always evokes a wonderful feeling, especially when you know their story. I just couldn’t resist not taking pictures, even though I’m supposed to be a guest!

Once again, congratulations to the both of you! We wish you a happily ever after! Too bad Tank and Mocha had to stay home, but hey, I’m sure they are very proud of you.

Check out Fefe and Johan’s pre-wedding photos with their beloved dogs, Tank and Mocha, here!