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Couple, Pre-wedding

Sherly & Frans – Pre-wedding

October 12, 2015

Meet our latest sweet couple: Sherly and Frans. They’re office sweethearts. After spending (almost all) the weekdays together in the office, both of them agree that they would like to enjoy their weekend in laid-back style! For instance, they like to spend their time at home during weekend: reading comics, watching K-drama, or even playing games.

Now, we put that into a twist: how about taking the laid-back weekend spirit outdoors? So that’s what happened: we ask them to go outside for a picnic in the park and watch the sun goes down. With Sherly’s energetic and stubborn personality (I got a lot of Taurean clients lately, if you realize) and Frans being the calmer and pragmatic one, these are the sure recipe for lots of sweet moments, especially when they start teasing one another.

So we would like to congratulate them for tying the knots! We wish you lots of sweet moments and happily ever after!

Couple, Pre-wedding

Vina & Markus – Pre-wedding

February 2, 2015

“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near”. ― Paulo Coelho

Okay, maybe not that long. Jakarta and Bandung is not that far away, after all. I borrowed the quote purposely to tell the story about Vina and Markus. Both of them went to the same high school in Bandung, and they often attend the same church in Bandung.

Until now, you would know that they have known each other for quite a time. They took separate ways during their university years, and after graduating, they went to work in Jakarta. They would often meet when they take the bus travelling from Jakarta to Bandung. Until one day Markus decided to ask Vina out, and fast forward.. they become a couple ever since.

They chose to go back to where they first met: their school for the pre-wedding session. We infuse the photos with their fun and energetic personality, as well as their good sense of humour.

Final words – congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after and being close to each other forever and ever!

Couple, Pre-wedding

Aletta & Fajar – Pre-wedding

August 13, 2013

Imagine yourself spending the weekend with your loved one. Among all places you want to go for the weekend, where would you like to go? The beach? Watch a movie? Shopping malls? Or the nearest theme park? But wait, why not spend your weekend in the place closest to your heart – your home?

That’s exactly what our lovely couple Aletta and Fajar did! You see, among all the places you could possibly go for a pre-wedding session, they wanted it to be at their future home. We then captured the things they’d like to do while spending their weekends: starting from chilling out by the pool, planning their lunch – which turned into an epic fail cooking session, a rainy-day walk around, and finally.. enjoying the city lights from the balcony while sipping wine.

With the couple’s easy going and comical personalities, it was fun following them around on their weekend! It gets better if you meet them in person – we’ve never seen a couple so eager to make their wedding entrance dance, surprising their friends!

We also have some words from one of the bridesmaids, here it is:

Funny story about Aletta and Fajar.. they both went to a university in Bandung, often attending the same church and hung out at the same places. However, they never met each other until one day in 2011 when a mutual friend (that’s me!) introduced them to each other. Sparks flew from the moment their eyes met, and they have been inseparable ever since. Their story makes me realize how true it is that God makes all things beautiful in His time.

So, congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after marriage with more happy weekends to come!

Behind the scenes:
Camerad! Photography: Peter Sutedja & Agnes Andriana
MUA: Ingelina Riza / Glowingelina

Couple, Pre-wedding

Feliciana & Johan – Pre-wedding

June 3, 2013

Meet our newest lovely couple, Feliciana (Fefe) and Johan. They both have fun outgoing personality… and also determined at the same time! It’s a tug-of-war everyday (in a good way, of course!). We can’t help chuckling whenever they start debating over simple things, cause we know deep inside they love each other..

And then here comes the dogs, Tank and Mocha! Fefe raised the dogs since they were babies, but now they lean towards Johan; every time he comes, they rush to him and forgets about Fefe for a while. This makes Fefe wonder what charm did he put on her beloved dogs, “Why Babe,why??”.

We followed them on a weekend, starting from giving Tank a bath,chilling at Fefe’s house, until the afternoon dog-walking session! It was so much fun watching the dogs running around and the couple’s cute love quarrels. You can see many candid moments when Fefe and Johan trying to line up Tank & Mocha for the photo session. :D

So, congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after and abundance of good times with Tank and Mocha.

CLICK to see Fefe and Johan’s wedding photos at The Edge of Paradise.

Behind the scenes:
Camerad! Photography: Peter Sutedja & Agnes Andriana
MUA: Ingelina Riza / Glowingelina