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Couple, Pre-wedding

Sherly & Frans – Pre-wedding

October 12, 2015

Meet our latest sweet couple: Sherly and Frans. They’re office sweethearts. After spending (almost all) the weekdays together in the office, both of them agree that they would like to enjoy their weekend in laid-back style! For instance, they like to spend their time at home during weekend: reading comics, watching K-drama, or even playing games.

Now, we put that into a twist: how about taking the laid-back weekend spirit outdoors? So that’s what happened: we ask them to go outside for a picnic in the park and watch the sun goes down. With Sherly’s energetic and stubborn personality (I got a lot of Taurean clients lately, if you realize) and Frans being the calmer and pragmatic one, these are the sure recipe for lots of sweet moments, especially when they start teasing one another.

So we would like to congratulate them for tying the knots! We wish you lots of sweet moments and happily ever after!


Michelle’s first birthday party!

June 17, 2015

Many people do say that the first year of parenting is the hardest. It is the year of massive adjustment. From just only the two of you, now becoming three. It is the year when your life turned upside down. The world does not seem the same anymore. Your priority and perception changes. All of these happens because of one baby, but think about all the times in the world you would dedicate for the little one.. After surviving all of those for a year, that deserves a little celebration, don’t you agree?

That being said, we couldn’t feel any more happier when we receive the invitation from Jessica and Adi for their baby Michelle’s first birthday party! It is a celebration for the transition from babyhood to toddler-hood. Still a long journey, but we know you’ll make it through, one step at a time. We wish all the best for Michelle!

Check out Jessica and Adi’s maternity photos when they were expecting baby Michelle, here!


Couple, Pre-wedding

Vina & Markus – Pre-wedding

February 2, 2015

“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near”. ― Paulo Coelho

Okay, maybe not that long. Jakarta and Bandung is not that far away, after all. I borrowed the quote purposely to tell the story about Vina and Markus. Both of them went to the same high school in Bandung, and they often attend the same church in Bandung.

Until now, you would know that they have known each other for quite a time. They took separate ways during their university years, and after graduating, they went to work in Jakarta. They would often meet when they take the bus travelling from Jakarta to Bandung. Until one day Markus decided to ask Vina out, and fast forward.. they become a couple ever since.

They chose to go back to where they first met: their school for the pre-wedding session. We infuse the photos with their fun and energetic personality, as well as their good sense of humour.

Final words – congratulations to you both! We wish you a happily ever after and being close to each other forever and ever!

Couple, Wedding

Inge & Beben – Wedding

March 12, 2014

Guess who’s getting married this time: it’s Inge and Beben! If you think that the name is familiar, that’s because she’s our favorite makeup artist! She worked with us several times for pre-wedding projects and that she’s getting married excites us. She did the makeup for her own wedding, showing you how determined she is with the job.

We spent the day by following Inge and Beben from the morning makeup session at the hotel, until the holy matrimony at St. Theresia church. Hearing couples saying their wedding vow always move our heart and this was no exception.

Finally, congratulations to the both of you! We wish you a happily ever after :).