The Bangkok Street Food Run

June 22, 2015
Snacks at Silom Soi 20

Have we ever told you that as much as we’re photographers, we’re foodies at first? So you can imagine what we do throughout our stay in Bangkok: buying the street foods in the morning, exploring the temples by day, searching for more street foods by night! That makes us also feeling less guilty for eating too much food in the morning as the calories are burnt during the temple run session; as later in the evening we can do our street food run and re-fuel again!

Now, out of all the foods available in Bangkok, why pick the street foods? For us, it is because that you can find selection of Thai dishes from the street food vendors. Second is the spending from the street food won’t kill you, so that you can allocate your holiday budgets for other uses. During our stay, we never spent more than US$10 equivalent of money for a meal for two, that is including various selections of snacks to nib on, so street dining is value for money. However, we would like to remind you on being selective, given so many recommendations out there for street food dining. As such, the popularly recommended Sukhumvit 38 alley could be one of your destination for your first day dinner at Bangkok.

The Sukhumvit Soi 38

The Sukhumvit Soi 38 from above – many vendors to choose for dinner!

Street foot vendor at Sukhumvit Soi 38 -12

Daniel Thaiger food truck at Sukhumvit Soi 38

They got this food truck – Daniel Thaiger – serving burgers at Sukhumvit Soi 38 and it’s pretty popular here. They are moving out from Soi 38 soon, btw.

Street foot at Sukhumvit Soi 38 -12

One of the food we ate – not sure about the name but it was pork for sure.

Other popular destination for street food hunting is Yaowarat, which is the Chinatown area of Bangkok. The dishes served here are dominated by the Chinese foods, but some of the vendors also serves varieties of local-influenced foods ie. the mango sticky rice.

Yaowarat, Bangkok

Street food at Yaowarat, Bangkok

Oyster pancake at Yaowarat, Bangkok-33

Glutinous Rice Balls at Yaowarat, Bangkok-33

As much as you like to be safe, however, it also pays off to be on the lookout for new findings. During our trip, we found out this hidden gem of street food located in a strip somewhere within the alleyways of Siam Square. The place was populated by street food vendors and office workers, and the only tourists we can find were ourselves! What we loved from that place was that it is the food that are eaten by the locals on daily basis. The catch is that almost all the vendors don’t speak English, however this is pretty manageable with a little use of hand signs. The lesson is: keep your eyes open, be persevere, and you shall be rewarded!

The food court at Siam Square

The food court at Siam Square



The food court at Siam Square

Not sure what this was, but it taste goood, with price less than US$1.5!

Pork skewers at Siam Square food court

Pork skewers at Siam Square food court

The food court at Siam Square

With so many choices at hand, you may be tempted to skip the breakfast given by your hotel and go shopping at the market instead! Depending on the breakfast provided, we would choose to forego the breakfast and hunt our own foods instead. There is choices on the places that are open in the morning, one of them is Silom Soi 20, which we got our fair share of snacks, cakes and fresh pineapples!

Silom Soi 20

Street food at Silom Soi 20

Street food at Silom Soi 20

Pineapple for snacks at Silom Soi 20

Snacks at Silom Soi 20

Snacks at Silom Soi 20
Talk about durian, they have a mobile durian shop here in Bangkok! Too bad I don’t like durians, but I can imagine some people else would jump on this sight. We sighted the truck when we were just about to leave Silom Soi 20.

Mobile durian truck in Bangkok

Durian vendor goes mobile in Bangkok

A bit of warning, make sure that you are in your best condition before subjecting yourself to the street foods as you know that hygiene could be an issue. Some vendors are cleaner than the others, so you may put that into consideration. An eating place with a dedicated dish washing room could be a sign of a good hygiene level.

Dedicated washing station at Siam Square Food Court

There’s just so many street food picks in Bangkok; so many that it seem that there aren’t enough time in this world to try all of them, and all the belly spaces you have does not seem to be enough to take them all in. But we would love to visit Bangkok again in the future to satisfy our street foods craving!

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